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Becky L Wiegand

Becky L Wiegand

Chief Compliance Officer

Becky grew up on a farm/ranch in the Nebraska Panhandle. She earned bachelor degrees in finance and psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. After joining Ron’s business as an intern in 2007, she has now been with the team for over a decade. She oversees the company’s operations to help ensure everything runs smoothly.

  • Favorite holiday: Memorial Day (because it marks the beginning of her favorite season – Summer!)
  • Favorite music: Country
  • Super power: Baking homemade cupcakes & cakes
  • Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect
  • Fun fact: Other than Plan A Wealth Management’s one office plant, Becky has been unable to keep any other houseplant alive for more than 2 years (especially houseplants at her home).